Fans of barbecue called the perpetrators of the introduction of universal isolation mode

the Moscow region from March 30 began to transition to rigid quarantine by coronavirus infection instead of the expected earlier recommendation, the newspaper notes.

the report of the Moscow mayor noted that, although the movement in the city has declined by two-thirds, not all citizens have listened to the recommendations of the authorities.

According to interlocutors of the edition, people the announcement by the President hours a week as a leisure and still spent time on the street. In particular, we are talking about the Muscovites staged a “barbecue” in the parks, for example, in the Silver forest, or elk Island.

Photos and videos of carefree holidaymakers have filled the social networks, becoming the last argument for the imposition of strict isolation, the source said “Kommersant”.

In Moscow, home mode isolation imposed to all the citizens, regardless of age. From today to leave the apartment only to obtain emergency medical care and travel to work in extreme cases. Also allowed to leave the house for the food and drug administration to take out the trash and walk the dog. In the near future to travel around the city may require special permits.

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