In Ukraine announced a reduction of pensions

Photo credit: TASS/Valery sharifulin

Ukrainian authorities have warned about the decline of pensions among the population. Deputy Minister of social policy Natalia Anychance said that the vast majority of people receiving pension payments below the subsistence level.

“82.7 per cent of pensioners receive pensions up to four thousand (10 500 rubles – approx. edition), and is below the actual subsistence minimum, is the key problem that needs solving”, – quotes RIA Novosti her words.

According to Anychance, the current situation is due to the limited resources of solidarity pension system. Also, it affects the steady-state at a high level the share of shadow employment of Ukrainians.

the Deputy Minister added that only 5% of employed people participate in the private pension scheme, which also affects the amount of payments.

Thus, all these factors will inevitably lead to lower pensions in the future, concluded Anychance.

Earlier, the culture and of the Russian show-business started to tell you about accrued pensions and complain about the small size of payments. In turn, the Union of pensioners of Russia said that the stars would “be ashamed to talk about their retirement income”. The experts said that the Expert explained that the fees in envelopes, the artists are responsible.

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