The oak Zeller Philipp Ebert (27) stood as a candidate at the state election for the constituency of 14 in the district of Fulda for the SPD. In addition to affordable housing, Ebert wants to fight for an improvement in the low-wage situation, free education and fair pay in the care sector.

Ebert is a real estate agent and as a property Manager in this industry: “Under the CDU-led state government have fallen to 90,000 social housing from the price-fixing, a number of apartments have been sold and country ground areas for building land were sold, so that luxury may arise apartments. In Fulda, this policy has led to rental rates within the last seven years have doubled, and less and less people can find apartments in the bacon belts to Fulda. I want to work for the construction of social housing, students and trainees housing, and better protection against dismissal in tense regions. In addition, the price retention periods for existing extended social housing and the rural spaces are opened up for the Development of barrier-free apartments,” explains Ebert.

the topic of The work is Ebert for a limitation of Agency: “In Fulda 25 percent of the workers work for 9.50 euros per hour, the Hessian average is 17 percent. Thus, the district of Fulda is one of the sizes of the low-wage sectors in Germany. I support the consistent limitation of temporary employment, the granting of public contracts only to companies that pay the Tariff, as well as operational co-determination and working to ensure the protection of and the return of the state of Hesse in the tariff community of German countries.”

Free education sees Ebert as the key for the future of the education system: “education must be from the crib to the master’s degree/Master’s certificate free of charge. That’s why we want to abolish both the nursery fees as well as the Finance school in the future to the public. In addition, we need to solve the shortages of Teachers in Fulda, through the training of more teachers, the Training of newcomers and the end of the Contract for a period of more teachers. The loss of teaching time and the teaching profession must be a part of everyday school life.”

In the area of nursing want to fight Ebert for higher wages: “Because we have massive deficits in the area of care, especially in outpatient elderly and health care, I want to commit myself to the training of more nurses, higher wages in the industry and the expansion of household-related services in the care sector.” (Marius Auth)

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