The moderator Jan Böhmermann (39) and the most successful German gaming livestreamer MontanaBlack (32) are currently in the public clinch. Böhmermann put the community of the Youtuber and Twitchers in his Spotify podcast “Fest und Fluschig” with Olli Schulz (46) in the right corner, what followed was a shit storm against Böhmermann. The satirist said literally: “There are Youtuber, MontanaBlack fans and right-wing hardcore neo-Nazis trying to tap the MontanaBlack community that has developed a taste. ”

A reaction from MontanaBlack was not long in coming. Among other things, he published his comments in several Instagram stories. He also wrote on Twitter: “There is a border between insult and satire.” Defaming his community as part of a right-wing movement goes beyond any borders. It speaks “probably the envy of a failed career”.

Böhmermann has also posted a screenshot of his Instagram direct messages on Twitter, suggesting a shitstorm by MontanaBlack fans. Böhmermann’s podcast counterpart Olli Schulz noticed the explosiveness of the sentence during the recording and wanted to intervene live. “We can’t say that because it may not be true,” the musician replied to his colleague.

The streamer MontanaBlack has now spoken again and announced that he had already phoned Olli Schulz and clarified everything with him. He rated the musician as “correct”: “Olli is not our enemy, but our friend.” Whether this also resolves the argument with Jan Böhmermann seems at least doubtful.


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