Joaquin Phoenix received the


Joaquin Phoenix got the award “Oscar” in the nomination “Best actor” for the role of Joker in the same movie directed by Todd Phillips. 92nd film awards ceremony takes place at the Dolby theatre in Los Angeles.

the main prize in this nomination were also nominated Antonio Banderas for his role in the movie “Pain and glory”, and Adam Driver for his role in “Marriage stories”. However, the Phoenix was the absolute favorite of the race.

the Film “Joker” tells the story of the main enemy of Batman. The mother of comedian Arthur Fleck taught his son to always smile. The young man is constantly faced with human cruelty and gradually comes to the conclusion that a good smile it is necessary to change an evil grin.

Earlier, the Director spoke about the “shocking” ending of the film “Joker”. According to her, in the end of the movie the Joker kills Batman’s parents, and after shoots and a little of Bruce Wayne. According to the official version of Joaquin Phoenix in the role of Arthur Fleck is in a psychiatric hospital, where kills his therapist.

in addition, at the ceremony of “Oscar-2020” was announced as best Director. They became the Pont Zhong Ho for the film “Parasites”.

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