He had 500 shillings in his pocket

The Austrian cook and author Johann Lafer (62, “Essen gegen Arthrose”) makes a surprising confession. When he was young, he went to Berlin, where he initially lived almost exclusively on fast food. “My mother gave me 500 shillings, or 80 DM, at the time. I was the best customer at Burger King on Kurfürstendamm, ” Lafer tells the MDR television magazine“ Brisant ” .

In retrospect, Lafer can also gain a lot of positive things from this experience, among other things, he was raised to be grateful. In an interview with the news agency spot on news in March, Lafer said that he had suffered from pain for a long time: “Maybe one thing in advance, I love my job! But after more than 45 years as a high-performance cook, sometimes with 14 to 16 hours on my feet seven days a week, the body sends warning signals at some point, which I have ignored for a long time. ”

Later, the cook and connoisseur got the diagnosis “arthrosis in the left knee” and even had to undergo surgery. Lafer underwent osteopressure, lost 16 kilos. He was recommended to change his diet, “[…] and so I started to prepare more vegetables and legumes and also experimented. […] All blood values, cholesterol and sugar values improved within a few weeks. Now I’m trying to keep my weight down, it may be a few pounds less, but it feels really good.

Today Lafer no longer needs tablets, is “absolutely painless” and feels “like newborn”. The positive side effects: “I have a lot more fun with my work, I have become more spontaneous and enjoy my freedom of movement, I can go hiking and cycling again. And yes, I also try new things. ”



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