Johannes Oerding sings on his new album for the first time in a duet with his long-time partner, the entertainer and talker Ina Müller.

The song “I have no more to lose you” is very melancholic and describes a couple who is about to break up. However, the singer revealed that the text had nothing to do with Ina and him, in an interview with the music magazine “Meine Melodie”.

Johannes Oerding über sein Duett mit Freundin Ina Müller

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“I work on stories that I have experienced in family and friends. When I played a raw version of the song to Ina, she immediately started singing the second voice. We have been hiding for ten years when it comes to music together, but on this song our voices harmonize so perfectly that we no longer care about our chatter from yesterday. ”

Show attitude

On his new album “Konturen”, the 38-year-old ventured into socially critical issues for the first time and apparently wants to step out of his own shadow. “On ‘contours’ I allowed myself things that I would not have allowed myself before because they were too little mainstream for me.” According to Oerding’s view, “a little bit of life experience” is necessary to address political issues.

He went on to say, “It wouldn’t have been credible if I had already explained the world to people in their mid-20s. I think that as an artist you have a responsibility to position yourself and to express your attitude. Artists should ask questions, sometimes pee. ”


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