This is a real nightmare! Bad news about Jürgen Drews! The singer was seriously ill not long ago and had to be hospitalized! The consequences are now violent!

Ramona and Jürgen Drews are now really afraid that everything can be over very quickly. Your good friend Costa Cordalis is a real reminder! In an interview with RTL, Ramona now said: “He was also bad (Juergen Drews Editor's note). He has, I think, pushed everything away now. So I thought it was pretty dramatic and I was really scared for you! So of course. ”Even Jürgen seems to be still shocked! "I always say it's not that bad, but you always say that."

The fear of the death of one of the partners really takes them away! "That is hard. I don't like to think about it. When I think about it, I'm almost in tears. I dont want that. Sure, you sometimes talk in that direction, but you don't really want that. It belongs to me and always has to stay that way. "Jürgen also has a clear opinion:" Yes, imagine the reverse case, without you. I always say that I don't have to live anymore, I don't feel like it! ”


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