Many people already know that US President Donald Trump (73) mainly communicates via Twitter. And most of the time he leathered there against political opponents or journalists who disagree with him. But now the US President has celebrated with German ancestors Helene Fischer on Twitter. Will Helene soon be invited to the White House?

Some of his followers may have rubbed their eyes in amazement. Instead of complaining about fake news or rushing against his political opponents, Donald Trump made a music recommendation on his Twitter account this time. Trump now shared a video of the musician Kaya Jones, which had already been recorded on the “Helene Fischer Show” in 2017. Even the US President complimented himself on the reserve and simply wrote “Great!” In his tweet.

Does the US President admire Helene Fischer, who enthused the audience with the song “You Raise Me Up” by Secret Garden with up-and-coming singer Celine Tam from Hong Kong? Maybe Helene will get the offer for a performance in the White House really soon.


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