"Sex Can Be Confusing"

Looking back, Justin Bieber (26, "Yummy") would have liked to have saved sex for marriage. In a current live chat of the joint Facebook series "The Biebers on Watch" with wife Hailey (23), the Canadian singer explained that he would have preferred to wait longer and save him for his dream woman.

In the new episode of the series, in which the Biebers offer intimate private insights, fans wanted to know from them if there was anything that the two would regret. "If I could turn back the clock and avoid some painful experiences, I would save myself for the marriage," answered Bieber relentlessly honestly. "I know that sounds crazy, but sex can be confusing." His wife also agreed with him on this point: "It can make things more difficult if you become physical with someone." Bieber and Baldwin had been together before, before they probably married in September 2018. In between, Bieber had an on-off relationship with singer Selena Gomez (27).



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