Many young beauties lure with sharp photos on Instagram, so that the number of their subscribers increases. This brunette beauty shows up here almost naked and makes her followers sweat a lot. And of course, it was not just any beauty, but "Victoria's Secrets" model Lorena Rae.

These photos are really hot! Because Lorena Rae knows only too well how she not only makes herself, but also her followers sweat. Now the well-known model shows its sexy back view on Instagram. Lorena has been one of the most successful underwear models for years and the 25-year-old also enchants her fans on the social media channels. There, the pretty Lorena posts pictures in bikinis, lingerie and extremely scarce clothing. But now the model has outbid himself and shows himself almost naked in the latest Instagram snapshots.

In a photo, the beauty is now only wearing a tight string in her bedroom and is doing her morning fitness program. "Quarantine morning stretching," the 25-year-old comments on her sporty snapshot. The sports clothes apparently forgot the young beauty for early sports or intentionally decided not to. No wonder that their fans almost go crazy on social media. Within a short period of time, the photo in question was liked almost 150,000 times. And of course there are compliments from all sides. "What a body," enthuses an enthusiastic user. while another judges "absolute perfection".



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