Satirical half-year review

There was arguing, ranting and teasing: The year 2024 already had some embarrassing TV appearances to offer. Exactly these foreign embarrassment moments takes up Oliver Kalkofe (54) in “Kalkofes focusing screen – the half-year review 2024” on June 5 at 8:15 p.m. At his home station Tele 5, the entertainer travels across the German television landscape and a few TV stars. The focus is on the Sat.1 show “Celebrities under palm trees”. There the divorce dispute between Désirée Nick (63) and Claudia Obert (58) was the main topic of conversation.

Oliver Kalkofe takes up the behavior of the two reality women in his program. The comedian slips into the roles of Nick and Obert and re-enacts the scene in his usual satirical way. But Matthias Mangiapane (36) also gets his fat off and is skilfully picked up by Kalkofe. But the 54-year-old does not only look at “celebrities under palm trees” in his half-year review.

He also finds numerous points of attack in the RTL documentary “Laura & Der Wendler – Totally in Love in America”. Especially the work of Laura Müller (19) as an influencer takes Kalkofe as an opportunity to parody Michael Wendler (47) and his fiancee. But not only celebrities are on the comedian’s list of hits: The “Sat.1 breakfast television” has also made a few embarrassments. One editor explained how to create a holiday mood on the balcony in Corona times. Kalkofe thinks it’s an absolute imposition – and has his very own ideas ready.

Of course, one topic should not be missing from the humorous half-year review: the corona pandemic. He hops across the screens disguised as a corona virus. “We continue to fight fearlessly against the usual television madness, because after working for this program one thing is clear: there are programs that are worse than any virus,” explains the comedian. What else Oliver Kalkofe came up with for sketches can be seen on June 5 at 8:15 p.m. on Tele 5 – and then in the broadcaster’s “5flix” app.



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