Katy Perry celebrated the premiere of her new song “Daisies” on Friday and now stood on stage very pregnant at the weekend.

Singer Katy Perry is expecting the first child together with her fiancé Orlando Bloom (43). At the finale of the American casting show “American Idol”, where she herself sits on the jury, the 35-year-old now performed her new song “Daisies” and showed her round ball.

  • Source: instagram.com

Perry in a pink paper bag

Pregnancy does not prevent Katy Perry (35) from celebrating her new music. On Sunday, she stood on stage during the final casting show of “America Idol” barefoot in a wide, pink robe and performed her song “Daisies”. The blonde stumbled across a constantly changing stage animation. The only stage prop is a yellow chair on which the “Never Really Over” interpreter initially sat and around which she danced in the three minutes.

The rather hideous dress conceals the baby bump quite well, which is why you cannot make out its curves particularly well. The singer probably did not feel like pressing herself into a tight dress and high shoes, which is understandable. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that this dress looks simple, like an oversized pink paper bag. It is a good thing that pregnancy has not yet affected her singing talent.


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