In this chase, those involved felt like they were in an action film. In Hamburg, the driver of a VW Sharan tried to escape from the police and bypassed several construction site barriers. 5 police officers and the driver of the private car were slightly injured in the dangerous operation.

The chase had started late Thursday evening. The police noticed the suspicious car around 11:30 p.m. because it had knocked over two warning beacons on Esplanade Street. Afterwards a police patrol wanted to stop the car, whereupon the driver tried to escape along side streets at high speed. The man raced at breakneck speed through the district of St. Pauli and then on federal road 4 towards Hamburg city center. Fleeing from the police, the fleeting driver rammed two patrol cars. But in the end it could be stopped by the emergency officers at around the Rödingsmarkt.

In total, the chase for the fleeting driver lasted around 10 minutes. The driver of the getaway car and 5 police officers were slightly injured in the clashes with the patrol cars. The police finally arrested the man. The officials immediately initiated an alcohol test, which measured a level of 2.0 per thousand in the man’s breath. A short time later it turned out that the arrested man of Polish nationality had no valid driver’s license. Overall, this adrenaline kick is likely to be quite expensive for the arrested driver.


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