Katy Perry has spoken about her new album. The 35-year-old musician released the main single of her brand new "KP5" album and revealed that the lyrics to the track had "taken on new meaning" because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But how it is with their new record was previously unknown. In an interview with “New Music Daily” Katy Perry now reveals: “Yes, something is happening. It comes from a dark time, but we all go through this strange dark tunnel and we start to see a light at the other end. […] Now I have this music, it is finished, and yes, it is good. We had to juggle the whole music video, you have to be very innovative. ”

"How can I be as innovative as possible?"

The heavily pregnant musician further explains: “And I've always dreamed of that. How can I be as innovative as possible? How can I publish music and visuals when I'm only sitting in my living room? How will I look back on this time and what will it be like if nothing more has to take place in this capsule? I am sure we will all be very grateful when this time is up and we can live outside the quarantine again. ”

When the record will be released is not yet known. (Bang)


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