Katy Perry swears by Bob Marley’s music to overcome depressive moods. The pop singer also has to struggle mentally because of the corona crisis. Fortunately, she has found her very own medicine that helps her overcome emotional lows. The best thing about it: Katy’s good mood guarantee does not involve any side effects or high costs.

“When I feel really depressed, I play Bob Marley’s music because it just creates such a cool mood and is so effortlessly positive. So I turn it up loud in the house and for some reason it makes me feel good, ”reveals the 35-year-old on Facebook Live.

“You have to be thankful”

As the ‘Roar’ artist admits, it is not always easy for her to remain positive in the current situation. “On some days you lose sight of the big picture. When I was taking a shower the other day, I thought ‘I have to be grateful, I have to be grateful, no matter what you’re going through, you have to be grateful,’ ”she reveals.

However, the musician is aware of how well she is doing compared to other people. “I know that there are probably a lot of people going through a lot of intense things right now,” explains Katy Perry.


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