On Friday Victoria Swarovski was on stage with Daniel Hartwich as moderator for the popular dance show “Let’s Dance”. But her tight-fitting outfit, a red evening dress, caused speculation afterwards. Some viewers want to have discovered the approach of a baby bump. Is the pretty presenter actually pregnant?

Is there any baby news to report to “Let’s Dance” presenter Victoria Swarovski? At the show on Friday, the attractive “Let’s Dance” presenter naturally caught everyone’s attention again. And many viewers want to have discovered a small tummy in the pretty Austrian. This has now caused the rumor mill to almost boil over. Will the moderator soon have offspring for the first time? On Instagram, one of her fans asked Victoria directly: Are you pregnant? ”He writes. And another user states: “You saw a very small tummy”. Victoria even bothered to answer the question about pregnancy. She writes: “Haha. Why? ”A denial definitely sounds different.

Now Victoria’s pregnancy is quite possible. After all, the Moderatorian has been with entrepreneur Werner Mürz for more than 10 years. Around three years ago, Victoria and her partner, who was 17 years older, said yes. Victoria publicly shared her acquaintance.

“We got to know each other on vacation in Marbella, fell head over heels in love – and these feelings have become even more intense over the years,” enthuses the moderator. Is the couple about to take the next step with the offspring?



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