The Klan brothers are also active in times of crisis and, in addition to the new track “Red Blue Green”, have now published an associated video that deals with loneliness, social distancing and deserted cities.

It’s a strange time indeed. We all sit on our little islands, connected by technology. We are playing the hundredth streaming concert, the last episode “Tiger King” has been watched.

The longing for encounter

Isolation is not good for us. It was exhausting in March, now it is nerve-wracking. Add to that a lost festival summer and the implosion of a fun society.

Everything sustainable. But not being able to hug people we love is getting us down. “Red Blue Green” is a song for all those who can only see themselves online and honestly have to find out: no zoom meeting in the world, no FaceTime call can satisfy the longing for encounter, feeling, smell and real closeness.

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After the release of their “Winter Side” half, Klan started publishing their “Winter Side Live Sessions”. Only in pairs, completely reduced, they give their songs a different twist.

There is another live version of a winter page song on their Instagram channel every other Monday at 6 p.m.


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