A tragic accident at a level crossing in Frankfurt. The police are investigating how this fatal accident could have happened. At a level crossing in Frankfurt’s Nied district, a train had hit a pedestrian (16), a cyclist (52) and a car with a 50-year-old driver behind the wheel. While the young pedestrian died of serious injuries, the cyclist and driver were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. No one was injured on the train itself in the accident.

So far, there is no precise knowledge of how the accident could have happened. The level crossing in question has barriers and at the time of the accident, a guard was on duty in the caretaker’s house, who was responsible for opening and closing the barriers. During the course of the accident, the barriers at the relevant level crossing on Oeserstrasse in Frankfurt’s Nied district were apparently open. The guard was in shock after the accident. “This morning, the federal police investigators will look at the scene of the accident and carry out surveys of witnesses and technical inspections to determine why the barrier was open,” said Ralf Ströher, spokesman for the federal police in Frankfurt.

Investigations to date have shown that the keeper has been doing her job at the level crossing. The relevant position of the train keeper at this level crossing, however, was only advertised by Deutsche Bahn in March of the year. The exact course of the accident should now be determined by the police. The railway line in question will remain closed for the next few days due to the investigative work. During this period, train traffic will be diverted via Griesheim. Hopefully the investigating officers will find out the reason for this tragic accident.


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