In many places, the Corona crisis means that visits from friends or even family members are neglected – also on May 10, this year’s Mother’s Day. When coffee wreaths and warm hugs are gone, it is particularly important for many people to choose their gifts carefully. With the following five tips, you will make your eyes shine in Mama in 2023 – despite corona restrictions.

She cooked, baked and tinkered for us. If you want to make your own mother happy in a similar way, you can choose something homemade as a gift: a homemade cake with mom’s favorite ingredients, a creatively designed card that tells her how much you value her, or summery DIY decorations that embellish the home – where you can spend a lot of time. If you are skilled in the art of craftsmanship, you can also dare to make your own jewelry. Corresponding tutorials are available on YouTube, among others.

Every crisis has an end. In order to generate a little anticipation for better times, vouchers for trips and experiences together are a great gift idea. Whether for a picnic in the countryside, a city trip, the next weekend trip to the mountains or a family photo shoot: Mom is guaranteed to be delighted with the self-made voucher with a symbolic character.

Who doesn’t like to open a gift and discover their favorite chocolates or the new summer variety that you’ve always wanted to try? If you have enough time and desire, you can also lend a hand here and, for example, make chocolates yourself and pack them nicely. A personal greeting and the surprise is over, which will sweeten Mutti’s day of honor.

Especially in times like this the body needs a good dose of relaxation every now and then. Particularly great gifts are therefore products that promote the feel-good atmosphere in your own four walls: bath salts, room fragrances, candles, heating pads. The selection is almost limitless and the products can be conveniently delivered to the front door – even contactless in Corona times.

The home garden or balcony has become a valuable place for many people, where a lot of time is spent. Growing and planting flowers, herbs, and vegetables provides a welcome distraction and pastime. This is why mothers are sure to be happy about gifts this year that will make their home oasis even more beautiful. From new garden tools to decorative items to balcony plants – the selection is huge. A little tip: ask “through the flower” when you need it, what is still missing for the perfect garden or balcony.


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