According to the Forbes list, you are probably familiar with the fact that Kylie Jenner managed to be the youngest billionaire ever.

Kris Jenner and her daughter Kylie apparently wanted to false reports to Forbes and the world, to make everyone believe that the makeup mogul is still a billionaire. However, Forbes wasn’t buying it, and they reported how she didn’t reach her last-years net worth.

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She had a lot of spending, and coronavirus didn’t help her either. She recently bought a mansion, a Global Express Jet, land, and her money also went to hangar and maintenance fees. With all that. Around $150 million went away, and she is currently sitting on a $900 million net worth. Still not lousy though, but the fact is – she is no longer a billionaire.

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Now, Kris and Kylie Jenner didn’t really create the right image with forging and letting us all believe that Kylie is still holding that status, and in times like this, with coronavirus spreading, it is a wrong move to pull a publicity stunt like that. Nevertheless, we hope that the mother-daughter duo learned their lesson, and there is nothing terrible at almost being a billionaire.