Capital: € 175 million
Age: 83
Born: 06/01/1937
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of wealth: Actor, director, moderator
Last updated: 2019

Short introduction

Morgan Freeman is one of the best-known character actors in the United States. The Oscar winner is one of the most successful black actors, presenters, producers and directors. He started acting in his early years and, until his present age of 83, Freeman is active as an actor and director. Freeman is a father of four and was married twice.

Early life

Morgan Freeman is a real big name in Hollywood today. The road was long and his career started early. Freeman was born in the state of Tennessee, but grew up in Chicago and LA under modest circumstances. As a small child, at the age of 12, he showed his acting talent and his urge to stand on stage during school performances. He even won an acting competition for young talent. After that, it took a while for the world-famous actor to make his breakthrough. First he studied at a community collage because he lacked the money for a higher collage. He then applied to the United States Air Force and served there as a mechanic for four years, rather unglamourously.

His love of acting only rekindled in the early 1960s. At the Pasadena Playhouse, he made his debut on stage in the play “Niggerlovers”. For the next few years he remained loyal to the theater and musical stages. In 1977, he achieved national recognition in the US through a role in the TV series “The Electric Company”. The theater scene honored him with several obie awards, including for his leading role in the play “Miss Daisy and her chauffeur”.

Freeman was also seen on Broadway. The Tony nomination for “The Mighty Gents” was another milestone in his career. The international breakthrough came only years later, in 1989, with the filming of “Miss Daisy and her chauffeur”. There he again played the chauffeur of the old lady and received his second Oscar nomination. He received the first one in 1987 for his role in the film “Glittering Asphalt”.


From then on, Morgan Freeman took Hollywood by storm and has become an integral part of the dream factory today. He played a major role in numerous films and received many awards.

Since 1990 he has been known to most of us in at least one of his always charismatic roles. Film fans around the world appreciate his talent and the depth he gives to his roles.

Besides, he started working as a director in the early 1990s. His third Oscar nomination for Best Actor prevented him from playing the Stephen King film “The Convicted”. Other successful films such as “Deep Impact”, “The Attack” and “Dreamcatcher” followed. Morgan Freeman even played the role of God in the comedy “Bruce Almighty”.

In 2005 he was finally able to accept the long-awaited and well-deserved Oscar for best supporting actor in the film “Million Dollar Baby”. Freeman is not only an exceptional actor, he is also a successful businessman. He was a partner and operator of the “Madidi” restaurant, which was open for ten years. He also runs a blues club, “Ground Zero”.

Freeman is also successful as a moderator and discoverer of the world. In the series “Morgan Freeman: Mysteries of the Universe” he deals with the mysteries of the universe.

In newer hit films like the Batman series “The Dark Knight” Morgan Freeman can be seen again on the cinema screens for his fans.

In addition to the roles in blockbuster films, Freeman attaches great importance to thematically demanding productions. In some films in which he participated, the topic of the rights of blacks is dealt with, which is a personal concern for him.

Freeman doesn’t just use his reach and millions for his personal pleasure.

Modesty cannot necessarily be ascribed to the owner of three planes, but he also donates considerable sums to good causes. Freeman is particularly politically involved. In the past, he didn’t miss out on donating a million dollars for a campaign to campaign for the re-election of then-President Barack Obama.

Despite his age of 83, his fans can still hope to see Freeman on screen because Morgan Freeman doesn’t think about retiring.

Career highlights

In addition to several Oscar nominations and numerous awards for his acting performances, some highlights of his career can be mentioned. The Oskar award in 2005, for example, as well as the Cecil B. DeMille Award and the Golden Camera for his life’s work and the Screen Actors Guild Life Achivement Award. In addition to the awards and nominations, Freeman can especially be happy to be one of the best-known and most distinguished character actors in Hollywood.

Famous quotes

  • “I know that dreams can only come true if you do something for it yourself.”
  • “It is the responsibility of everyone living the freedom to express their opinion. Always!”

Amazing facts

In 2016 an asteroid was named after him. In Germany there are four voice actors who lend their voice to the actor in the German film versions. The actor has a private pilot license and can own three planes.


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