Today, I’m already an adventure, if I lock flights to the USA with a short transfer time, a beech or an African Safari no mosquito protection. If everything went well (on time and without Malaria), knock me sweaty on the shoulder. Earlier, however, as a child, was not the travel is still full of mysteries, even if I put thousands of miles back and new continents discovered, but often only to your grandma drove.

at the Time, I spent my entire summer vacation (and in Latvia there were three months!) at the dacha of my grandparents. So far, so dull. It was situated at 16 kilometres from the city apartment in Riga, for me, however, is a different world: beetles, berries and wild flowers instead of plate. My cousin Anna and I climbed the cherry tree and munched on it empty.

“This glutton-birds”, scolded my grandma, and we were pleased that we were not caught. We laid on the grass and waited, how long would it take until we are discovered.

There was no one, at some point the door to the dacha was shut off and we had to dig a Tunnel to go back into the house. Today would be crazy with worry, at the time, had no time for Brats, rolling in the Grass.

suitcase-Packed, but the Ufo was not

After the half of the summer, it was quiet at the dacha, because Anna leave. So I was bored, in search of new adventures. Sometime, on a hot August day, was invented by my grandfather a story.

“Soon we will be picked up by a Ufo, in order to solve the mystery of the Bermuda triangle,” he said. When the Ufo would come, exactly? Uncertain. The result was that I grabbed, put every Morning and the case it in front of the door. Every evening, I grabbed him again, because our Pick-up Service arrived surprisingly.

neighborhood kids with Packed up your bags first, stopped me after a while for latent astray, and broke the contact. No matter: A true adventurer does not need allies.

Today – now I’ve come around a lot – I often wonder how it could come to this, that I think when Packing the suitcase to mosquito spray and more to the Bermuda triangle. Then this feeling that I have never been as far travelled as at that time, at the dacha of my grandparents comes over me. 


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