it was very close to our Lauterbacher lynx. In the last Minute of the ice hockey had to-regional-tier a clear 5:1 give up and moved against the Ratinger Ice Aliens 5:6 (3:0 1:1 1:5) the shorter. The lynx, after the completion of the eighth game day in eighth place.

It all began well for the bobcats. After only 44 seconds Charousek puts the Puck directly on the trowel of Varianov, the net for 1:0. Not two minutes later, both rose to 2:0. The lynx have missed the game well in hand, Ratingen the beginning of total and Apel enlarged the lead in the 17. Minute on 3:0.

the Wake-up call of the Ice Aliens that were slowly getting stronger. The Aliens and lynx met, from the second third at eye level, until Wohlrab in the 30. Minute at the foot of the injured and for the treatment briefly in the cabin had to. A short time Michal Zizka stayed off the air, after he got a slap shot to the chest. Ratingen was the game trying to turn happen, bribed, however, by aggressiveness, what the 3:1 by Tim Brazda (34.), and the penalties had an effect. Six of the penalties imposed, the sovereign referee team against Ratingen up to the break. A numbers game of use Niels Hilgenberg to 4:1 for the lynx (37.).

In the third period, Ratingen, urged on by the touchline, but the defense stood firm and resisted the attacks of the Ice Aliens. Suddenly, Nick Schöngart in the 50. Minute, in the right place at the blue line and increased out of nowhere with a slap shot at 5:1. Not a Minute later, Tim Brazda began the comeback of the Ratinger, who had ripped the game a long time ago. In the 53. Minute shortened Scharfenort in Excess of 5:3. The lynx, including Wohlrab, Zizka and Hilgenberg visibly injury, drawn, and heaved with all his might against the attacks of the Ratinger, could even drive yet two very dangerous counter attack, in the competition with a firecracker and crossbar, and only seconds later, Schöngart shot narrowly misses the goal. After the 5:4-connection hits (Giesen, 55.) Trainer Petr Zachar took a break so that the boys could be again for 30 seconds to breathe. But it all helped nothing.

Ratingen has played in a frenzy, fish book destroyed 64 seconds before the end with the balancing and all, at least on a draw, hoping for Schumacher 29 seconds before the end of the Ratinger guide hits all the hopes. (pm)


lynx Lauterbach:

Michel, law – Löwing, Schöngart, Zizka, Hilgenberg, Franz, knee warmer, Dull, Wohlrab, Pure, Apel, Varianov, Charousek.

Ice Aliens Ratingen:

Easter, Zerbe – Gotzsch, Migas, shoemaker, Giesen, Scharfenort, Cohut, Bleyer, clamper, cutter, Bratzda, Trust, fish book, Brinkmann, Bratzda.




1:0 Varianov (1.), 2:0 Varianov (3.), 3:0 Apel (17.), 3:1 Brazda (34.), 4:1 Hilgenberg (37.), 5:1 Schöngart (50.), 5:2 Brazda (51.), 5:3 Scharfenort (53.), 5:4 Giesen (55.), 5:5 fish book (59.), 5:6 Schumacher (60.).

*The contribution of “Fighting lynx give clear guidance out of your Hand” comes from Osthessen News. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

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