If après-ski and Ballermann vibes are poured out at “Let’s Dance”, then only one thing can be forthcoming: the dreaded Discofox marathon. Before the remaining pairs of the eighth live show danced around the extra points at the same time (in the correct Corona safety distance), they whirled across the floor to famous TV tunes. In the end, all the extra points, words of praise and audience clap from the tape were not enough for a celebrity and professional: Martin Klempnow (46) and Marta Arndt (30) trembled and are out.

Episode one has crackled between singer Luca Hänni (25) and his dance partner Christina Luft (30). Her song selection at the beginning of the new “Let’s Dance” episode was all the more ambiguous. For “I’ll Be There For You”, the title song of the US sitcom “Friends”, they did an impressive quick step. Almost perfect 29 points and the question of whether the two are really just “friends” were raised after the performance.

On the other hand, there is no longer any need to speculate about the relationship status of Laura Müller (19). She recently accepted Michael Wendler’s (47) wedding proposal with media coverage – Müller’s “Magic Moment”, as she revealed on the show and promptly held the remarkable engagement clunker at the camera. At least as remarkable was her tango to “Santa Maria” alongside Christian Polanc (41). With 26 points, they achieved their best rating so far.

Moritz Hans (24) and Renata Lusin (32) had broken the 30 points in the previous episode. With her samba alias “fertilization dance” this feat was supposed to succeed again – but it didn’t do it at all. Jorge González (52) thought he was too brazen about the matter – as is well known, this has often caused dead trousers. “And the contract release movement was also missing!”, Complained Joachim Llambi (55). Not only had Hans never heard of that before. And so last week the Golden Boy scored “only” 21 points.

Shortly thereafter, actor Klempnow and dance partner Arndt were as colorful as the rabbits – with their jive to “My name is rabbit” from the “Bugs Bunny Show”. The two had dressed up for their show, but their rabbit spoons could not distract from some technical uncleanliness – they gave 18 points, the second worst rating of the evening.

Then it was time for the “Salsa for Germans”: Especially the professional dancers of “Let’s Dance” have to drink the traditional Discofox marathon traditionally. The up to ten extra points were enough motivation this time again to work hard. Due to the danger of corona, special safety had to be observed this year. Barrier tapes separated the dance couples at a distance of 1.5 meters and made for a strange sight.

Artist Lili Paul-Roncalli (21) was finally crowned Discofox Queen. The jury was disappointed in the meantime by the “almost wife of the pop hit king” aka Laura Müller, who had a musical home game and quit early. In the end, however, the Discofox broke his neck as mentioned at the beginning. After repeated tremors in the past few weeks, the viewer points were not enough this time to progress.

Missed episode? RTL’s streaming portal TVNOW has everything available on demand.


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