Liam Gallagher is upset about Noel Gallagher’s claims that he had argued with Damon Albarn. The former Oasis star makes it clear that he never had trouble with the Blur member about a girl.

Noel had previously claimed that the two bands were hostile to each other after these disagreements. The musician had recently given birth to the fact that the war between the two 90s cult bands was caused by the unknown woman. Liam now wants to make it clear that he and Damon have always been good friends – instead, the dispute between the two music groups resulted from Noel’s tasteless comment.

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That says Robbie Williams about Liam

On Twitter, he wrote: “Just to make it clear, Damon and I never fell out over a girl or boy. All the fun stopped with Noel Gallagher, who said publicly that he wanted Damon to get AIDS and die. It was not his best moment. ”

Blur were not the only musicians to pluck a chicken with oasis. Robbie Williams also has an intimate love-hate relationship with the band’s former front man, as he recently announced. “The thing with Liam is this: he’s incredible. He is an incredible singer – 100 percent rock and roll. The world is a better place because it exists. He is an icon, ”praises Robbie.

The challenge is to look at music objectively and not be influenced by the personality of the artist. “Sometimes you have to separate art from the asshole. And I can, ”the star added to The Sun newspaper. (Bang)


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