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Llambis dance duel: Oana Nechiti is finally dancing again – but desperate

Oana Nechiti wirkt sichtlich verzweifelt.

April 19, 2024 – 8:17 pm

After two years we see Oana dancing again – and then THAT!

Two years ago, Oana Nechiti exchanged the “Let’s Dance” parquet for the jury at “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. Apart from her participation with Erich Klann in the big professional challenge, the audience had to do without her for a long time – until now! At “Llambis Tanzduell” she duels with her colleague Kathrin Menzinger in Senegal. And that will be a real ordeal for Oana. In contrast to “Let’s Dance”, the 32-year-old in Africa has to learn new dance steps herself. This is more difficult than expected and other problems are also causing her problems. In the video, we reveal which they are and whether they even end the dance duel in the end.

First combat announcement, then combat cancellation?

Oana Nechiti wirkt sichtlich verzweifelt.
Professional dancer Oana Nechiti doesn’t want to disappoint the Senegalese.

Even if the two opponents in “Llambi’s dance duel” understand each other brilliantly, Oana makes it clear how seriously she takes the battle: “I’m always about something. I just don’t like friendly games.” Wow! What an announcement by the tough power woman.

At that time she probably hadn’t thought that she was struggling with herself in Senegal rather than with her duelist. She despairs of the African dance and quickly realizes how long she hasn’t had to learn new dance steps. When the despair is at its peak, Oana’s opponent of all people gives comfort. And the DSDS jury even thinks about giving up, as she tells in the video.

After 6 years of “Let’s Dance”, Oana decided on her family

It is not a matter of course that we see Oana dancing again in “Llambi’s dance duel”. Two years ago, she decided to leave Let’s Dance to have more time for her son. She and her life partner, professional dancer Erich Klann, have been proud parents since 2012. For a few years, however, both were professionals at “Let’s Dance” and said they lived for it. In 2019, in favor of her son, Oana swapped the floor for the DSDS jury, where she primarily evaluated the choreographies and outfits of the candidates.

After the DSDS Recall 2024 in South Africa, the Romanian-born artist for “Llambis Dance Duel” is once again moving to the beautiful continent. She competes against Kathrin Menzinger in Senegal and reaches her limits.

Watch “Llambis Dance Duel” on TVNOW

Missed episode? You can catch up on all episodes of “Let’s Dance” and “Llambis Dance Duel” on TVNOW.

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