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The Fantastic Four postpone their stadium tour

Thomas D (l.) und Smudo von den Fantastischen Vier.

April 16, 2022 – 6:55 pm

Stadium tour does not take place for the time being

The Fantastischen Vier (“Vier und Jetzt”) have been entertaining the masses on stage for three decades. On the occasion of this anniversary, a big stadium tour should actually take place in summer 2022. Michi Beck (52), Smudo (52), Thomas D (51) and And.Ypsilon (52) have to postpone them because of the Corona crisis.

“Not feasible for security reasons”

Like the fans, one constantly follows the developments in the fight against Covid-19, it says in a statement of the band. With the announcement of a postponement, the company initially waited until it was officially clear when major events in Germany would be allowed again. But one has been “for some time that for security reasons it will not be feasible to celebrate our huge anniversary concerts with you this summer.” According to the band, it would have been “irresponsible to meet more than 40,000 people in various stadiums, halls or squares this summer.”

There is an alternative plan

But the fans should be sure that the Fantastischen Vier definitely want to play the concerts – whatever the case. There is also an alternative plan: “As a precaution, we had already blocked two other alternative periods for the tour in the past few weeks. One for the fall of this year and another for the summer 2022.” However, fans should understand “that we will not announce the dates until we can be really sure when it will actually be possible to bring so many people together again with a clear conscience.”

Tickets that have already been purchased should remain valid. The alternative dates are to be announced as early as possible. The Fantastic Four are certain: the wait “will be worth it!”

Tickets for the shows are available here.

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