But the man who deposed the emergency call, everything was feeling other than to be Trifled with. Wanted to lunch suck his apartment, as sudden a walking, talking snake from the vacuum cleaner crept up.

Although the officials of the seriousness of the situation were not really convinced, they sent, according to a police report, a patrol car to the man to Iserlohn-Buzzers.

From the neighbors got loose

There is a reptile that was actually through the apartment. It was a corn snake. The completely harmless snake had previously escaped from the Terrarium of a neighbor. She crawled into the adjoining apartment and made it in the dark tube of the vacuum cleaner comfortably, where they frightened a short time later the man.

Within half an hour, the police officers succeeded in capturing the animal. "Ausgebüxte corn snake is back home. Use finished.", reported the Patrol.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit/nonstop news offender two hours barricaded himself with the woman: the taking of hostages defines Cologne’s main railway station lame mkm corn snake snakes vacuum cleaner Iserlohn


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