Being rejected by record labels is said to have had a major impact on Matty Healy's mental health. The 1975 manager, Jamie Oborne, revealed that the lead singer of the band was very concerned about being rejected by labels at the beginning of his career.

Jamie told the Rolling Stone magazine: "We always thought they needed a bigger record label because I knew what album Matthew wanted to record. We didn't really have the money to do that. "

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"It killed him!"

And further: “Every record label in the world rejected it twice. I could feel Matthew's disillusion with the industry. He was getting ready to meet those people who didn't keep their word. That affected his mental health. "

The group finally signed their record deal with the dirty hit label and Osborne added: “I've never been a fan of conventional record deals. I don't think they treat artists very fairly. ”

Healy is also currently the Art Director of the Dirty Hit record label and is responsible for signing newcomers. (Bang)


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