In England, the corona pandemic is currently at its peak. During this time, Queen Elizabeth II was in voluntary corona isolation at Windsor Castle. There is currently speculation as to whether the Queen will return to London to perform her duties from Buckingham Palace. In this difficult time of all times, first information from the Queen’s will is circulating. Who gets the monarch’s billion dollar fortune?

It is not easy for Queen Elizabeth at the moment. Because of the corona virus, the monarch isolated with Prince Philip at Windsor Castle. It is not yet clear whether the popular monarch will ever return to public life. Recently there were even rumors about an early resignation. A palace insider speaks openly of what many Britons think: “I don’t think we will see them again soon.” Now, first details from Queen Elizabeth’s supposed will have also become known. A fact that the 94-year-old should not be pleased about.

With the withdrawal of the Queen, interest in the will of the monarch increased. British politician Norman Baker has now stated that the public will never know what the Queen has determined in her ultimate will. “In contrast to all other wills, royal wills are not open to the public,” confirms the politician. And Baker reveals another secret: “They are kept in a metal safe behind an iron cage in Somerset House. The secrecy of royal wills has been binding since 2002. ”

However, it should be certain that the heirs of the Queen can look forward to a nice rain of money. Because financial experts estimate the fortune of the popular monarch at about 2 billion US dollars. The US magazine Forbes still had the net worth in 2019

Estimated at $ 786 million. But in the past few years, the payments by the English state to the royal family had increased about tenfold. Not included in the calculation are the Queen’s properties and the income from the entrance fees for visits to the Buckingham Palace. No wonder that the inheritance number will be over two billion US dollars. The Queen will probably share her fortune equally among her family.



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