That would be a real hammer change, but – the speed football of the Reds would be exactly to Mbape’s taste! Jürgen Klopp should now have made the first contact!

Jürgen Klopp allegedly takes unusual paths when wooing world champion Kylian Mbappe. The team manager of the designated English football champions FC Liverpool is said to have inquired by telephone from Mbappe’s father Wilfried whether his son would be ready for a summer transfer to the island. The French internet portal reports.

Klopp wants to bring the French young star to the Reds “at all costs”, according to a report. Mbappes Club Paris St. Germain, however, is not even ready to talk to an offer below 200 million euros – corona crisis or not.

It is well known that Klopp keeps large pieces on Mbappe. “I love him, to be honest. What a player! And a nice guy, too, ”he said once. Last November, however, he also emphasized that Liverpool had “absolutely no chance” of signing the exceptional striker. This also applies to all clubs – Paris is simply too strong financially, said Klopp.

Liverpool, which was already very interested in Mbape’s move from Monaco to the French capital in 2017, is said to want to prepare for a possible departure from Sadio Mane. Mbappe (21) is still bound to PSG with trainer Thomas Tuchel until 2024, but has been grappling with the club’s desired contract extension for months. The attacker’s “dream club” is Real Madrid, which was said to have been willing to pay him the world record transfer fee of 280 million euros before the corona crisis. © 2008-2020 Sports Information Service



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