Music has accompanied humanity since its inception. The first traces of music were recorded in the Old Stone Age, so we can say that it is as old as humanity itself. From then until today, it has always played a central role in every society. Since ancient Rome, it has been involved in both religious and secular events. Then in the Middle Ages, every ruler had his composer to this day where music is spread in every part of popular culture, and festivals and concerts are, along with sporting events, the most visited events on the planet.

The role of music is diverse. It can cheer us up, make us sad and can be listened to at every occasion. Today we will talk about the mental benefits of listening to relaxing chillout music, of which there are many because it is known to be an effective way of therapy, which is known as the Mozart effect.

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What is the Mozart effect?

According to, It is an effect that is observed in people who have listened to a certain type of music and then their certain ability is improved after listening. The most commonly used music is Mozart’s compositions, hence the name – Mozart effect. The research was conducted in 1993. where different groups listened Mozart or were in a silent room and it was noticed that the groups that listened to Mozart had better results.

Certainly, this may not affect your IQ, but it can relax you and thus you can make better use of your abilities. We all know that when we are calm, we can do the task better. There are certain studies that can even affect empathy.

Mental benefits

1. It has a positive effect on reducing stress

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You must at least one listened to music to relax after a stressful situation or a stressful day. Then you know how much it helped you. And also, scientists have conducted research on this topic and came to the conclusion that certain songs slow down our pulse and thus calm us down. It is clear to you that it has a great impact on stress reduction both mentally and physiologically.

2. It can reduce pain

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Although there is no evidence that it can literally reduce pain, in a physical sense, it certainly helps because its soothing effect acts on pain by diverting your attention from the pain and calming you down. The high level of endorphins secreted when listening to chillout music helps the body. It is also used to speed up recovery after surgery.

3. It improves our sleep

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Remember some nights when you couldn’t sleep. You changed all the positions, tried to warm up or cool down, drank water, ate sweets, watched TV, but nothing helped you calm down and fall asleep until you played music. Then you managed to relax and fall asleep. Listening to music both during the day and just before bed is a very good for our sleep. Many people even put earphones in their ears and sleep like that all night, which calms us down a lot, the only drawback is that it can damage hearing. So it is better to play music through speakers than through earphones or headphones, when you intend to fall asleep. Also, choose songs without lyrics.

This is very important, because the lyric, especially if you know it, can wake you up because the brain will recognize the content it knows and you may even start singing softly, unconsciously. Also, don’t choose songs that have some emotional value to you, because that won’t calm you down. It’s best to play a radio station, like ChilloutRadio, and not bother your brain by changing and choosing songs, but just relax until you fall asleep.

4. Affects brain function

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From the earliest, prenatal days, music affects the human brain. It is recommended that pregnant women listen to relaxing compositions while pregnant, as this will affect the development of the fetal brain. It will also relieve stress, which will again be beneficial for the fetus. It is considered very useful for premature infants because it soothes them and makes them feel as if they are still in the womb. Later in life, it improves many cognitive functions. It is thought to improve the connection between the two cerebral hemispheres and thus make neurons travel faster.

5. It helps with learning

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Improving cognitive functions and concentration will have a very good effect on the amount of information you can remember. Of course, the choice is important, which genre you choose. Opt for relaxing chillout music and you will see how learning is easier for you. If you choose some erratic sounds, then it will not help you at all, but the opposite, because the brain will concentrate more on it than on learning.

6. Positive effect on eating

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You may not have expected to read this. But if we listen to something relaxing and pleasant, our brain will concentrate more on the process of eating itself and in that way we will eat much healthier. By concentrating on each bite, we will know exactly when we are full and what we are taking in. And when we eat while watching a movie or TV show, we eat unconsciously which often leads to overeating because the brain does not register that we have ingested enough food because it is concentrating on the plot of the movie. So eat with relaxing music to avoid obesity, stomach problems, cholesterol and many other things.

7. Positive impact on love life

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If you need to sleep with someone for the first time, it can be a very stressful experience, so it is advisable to listen to relaxing music together as you approach intimate moments. If it is your partner, then it can only further enhance your intimacy and enjoyment.


Follow our tips and try to listen to relaxing music before some next occasion that makes you nervous. You will see how much it will help you.