Michelin-starred chef began to prepare for doctors in France

Photos: facebook.com/takashi.kinoshita.54

In the French city of Dijon Michelin chef began to cook for the doctors at the hospital. Despite the fact that all the restaurants are closed on quarantine, chef Takashi Kinoshita continues to work, according to “Express Gazeta”.

it is Known that he prepares takeaway for the nurses on duty round the clock in the main hospital of the city. Just over the weekend, the cook prepared 100 Lunches and three – course pie with whipped cream, vegetables and trout, pancakes stuffed with salad and custard cakes.

“In Japan, if a disaster happens, the cultural response is to prepare something to eat, so I’m very excited to do this. I was thinking about how I can be useful at this time. And prepare for health care workers – a pleasure,” said Kinoshita.

the chef added that doctors in such a difficult time should eat fast, full and balanced. These criteria meets the developed menu. It is noted that the power to health workers delivered free of charge.

At the moment in France was more than 35 thousand cases of infection COVID-19. Last Sunday there were more than 2.3 thousand deaths.

Earlier it was reported that the number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia exceeded $ 1.8 thousand people. In recent days in Russia the number infected with novel coronavirus infection was increased by 302. COVID-19 was confirmed in 35 regions.

the Number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia exceeded $ 1.8 thousand people

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