Did Mike Singer want to announce his career end recently? After all, the singer is just 20 years old and is only at the beginning of his career.

This was indicated by the swarm of girls at least at the end of April by deleting all of their Insta posts and thereby panicking their fans.

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Haters burdened him

The man from Offenbach doesn’t really plan to withdraw from the business, but there is a moving reason behind deleting his posts.

“I have been facing more and more hatred and resentment lately. Above all, this takes place in anonymity on the social media channels. Whenever I posted private pictures or lost reach and subscribers, it was said that I would be out, would have no fans and success would decrease, ”the artist told the“ Bild ”newspaper.

It was defined by the number of its followers

“Hate sites were created and my fans were attacked. My team and I often went against it and had it deleted. At some point I was no longer feeling well with this stress because I also defined myself in part. ”

“People as such are no longer important, in the end it’s all about numbers. The battle for likes, followers, ratings, and comments has grown too large, ”Mike continued.

Mike wanted to make a sign

“I have now deleted all the pictures in protest to show that I don’t feel like this shit.” So far, however, he has not yet revealed whether Mike will continue to post private pictures in the future. Nevertheless, there is hope for the singer that in the future he will be defined primarily by his music and not by the number of his followers. He is currently followed by 1.5 million subscribers on Instagram.

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In the meantime, however, he has reported back to the platform to report to his fans about the status of his new album. “I decided to write new songs and finish my 4th album. Many of the songs show how I feel at the moment and what I really think. I think there are many of you who can identify with all of this. ”


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