The Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Manuela Schwesig (SPD), has spoken out in the course of the current Corona crisis for better support for families with children. Schwesig is demanding a family allowance of 300 euros during the corona crisis. A suggestion that Schwesig had already made in her time as Federal Minister for Family Affairs.

Families with children in particular are struggling in the Corona crisis. Because many schools and kindergartens are still closed while the parents have to go back to work. ”The situation for the families does not go on like this. Much remains with women. We now have to gradually open daycare centers and schools for all children. I am also calling for a ‘family allowance’ again. ”The former Federal Minister for Family Affairs pointed out in a video that she wanted to get this proposal started in her last legislative term as Family Minister, but the proposal failed because of the veto of Chancellor Angela Merkel, among other things.

Schwesig made it clear that the childcare times at the moment are severely limited by the corona virus crisis and that this money is intended for parents who have to look after their children more during this time. “Everyone should get the money if they take care of their children during this time – in the amount of € 300 a month,” said Schwesig in an interview. “We will not be able to guarantee the childcare times as quickly as before the crisis. Family allowance can help women so that they have more time to look after children. This would make it easier to reconcile job and job overall. ”It will be seen whether this time Schwesig can prevail with her proposal.



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