Milonov explained his proposal to ban abortion in the Constitution

Photo credit: TASS/Mikhail Tereshchenko

state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov explained his initiative established in the Constitution banning abortion, according to news Agency “national news service”.

He noted that any such operation ends with death of the child. Milonov said that life begins from conception, therefore abortion is treated as murder.

“Science says that life begins with conception. And to kill – not to kill their own children is the right of a democratic society. If a democratic society believes that for the sake of your own pleasures you can do it, the question to society. We begin with the fact that not telling the truth to society. Abortion is murder,” – said Milonov.

He added that abortion cannot be considered a surgery, since the latter aims to treat the person.

“And then the deliberate infliction of harm to one person – the woman and the murder of another man – child”, – said the Deputy.

Earlier it was reported that the Constitution can make another amendment. According to the initiative, the President can dissolve the state Duma if it does not approve at least more than a third of the Cabinet Ministers.

in addition, the state Duma extended the deadline for submission of amendments to the draft Constitution. To make proposals until March 2.

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