Rapper Missy Elliott is back with new music and even more blatant music video! In it she extracts an art gallery in extravagant costumes.

Missy Elliott (48), one of the most famous rappers worldwide, is back and delivers with “Cool Off” the perfect dance track for spring! For the music video, the 48-year-old has dressed up properly.

Missy is pretty freaky

The rap icon appears in the video as a bronze statue sitting on a throne in a museum hall. The floating figures around her suddenly start twitching and dancing hip hop while the “Get Your Freak On” rapper poses quietly and regally. Then it gets even crazier.

In addition to two guys on stilts, you suddenly see a lot of dancers in tight, gaudy outfits that swing their hips to the beats of “Cool Off”. The “Work It” interpreter sings “Do It! Do it! Do It! ”And apparently wants to cheer on their dancers. There can be no question of cooling down here!

The video serves as a sequel to “Why I Still Love You”, in which a girl experiences a virtual journey through the decades with Missy Elliott in a museum.

The song on their record “Iconology” and the music video for it appeared Tuesday night (April 21st).


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