Muscovites have explained why they find themselves from isolation

North of Moscow, Dmitrov district, 11 am. The street is almost extinct. The movement is only near garbage containers and store “Pyaterochka”. On the way met an old lady of 70 years. Without a mask, came with two cloth bags. Why not sit at home, answered that they went to the store. By the way, check out this is impossible, even the police in such a situation, no one gave the right to personal inspection of citizens, and if they will, then this should be done with two witnesses, and that means goodbye social distance. Believe my word. Upon returning home, the nose-to-nose encounter with a woman of 40 years. “Where are you, I ask, quarantine it?” Pause a couple of seconds. “Pharmacy”. Also there is nothing to cover. The playgrounds are completely empty, although the tape they are not enclosed. The Playground is also empty. Yesterday there drove volleyball boys and local Amateur gym spreading out at the surface of the pad mats for yoga and aerobics. Although today the weather is not conducive to the manifestations of healthy lifestyle activity, but at the moment the impression that the quarantine Muscovites comply.

the Center of Moscow. Deserted, as if it is the morning of the 1st of January. The employee of traffic police on duty near the monument to Pushkin was assured that while the police don’t fine people walking for no reason.

– Stop only in people older than 65 years. Not fine, just write out a receipt. Oh, and they don’t get 2 thousand, which should obtain after quarantine. The authorities only maintain the shape of pass for those who need to work. While it’s not, we don’t stop those who are clearly under the age of 65.

But morally the people of the penalties ready. Here is a man about 30 years waiting for somebody at the entrance to the lobby of the metro.

Why you do not comply with the quarantine? – strictly I said.

Uncle threw up his hands and… took to their heels.

At the exit of metro station “Mayakovskaya” the little man with the wrinkled face was not so nimble.

– I do not need to be isolated, I disinfected.

– What?

the Man smiled sheepishly.

I’m from the village, I have a very strong immune system.

Another guy of 25 years confessed that he has no home in Moscow, where he could be isolated.

– going to the hotel, I hope it works.

the Elderly woman said she went to the clinic on the occasion of the meeting with the police she got help with the appointment from the doctor.

Two middle-aged people said that out of the food and drug administration.

And a few more people when I try to speak with them recoiled and picked up the pace. Probably in a hurry to quarantine.

In the suburban Shchyolkovo main streets of the city empty. It is especially strange on Parkovaya street, which leads to the station. There are almost no people. Occasionally you can see the urban middle-age with a package of products. Any teenager or child with mom – however, as any police officer. Playgrounds marked with striped ribbons, who yesterday afternoon was in sight. Handsfree system, which is usually in the morning, turns the city a radio station is silent. Central market is almost empty. Sellers sad sitting on the shelves in max (even visitors!). Only two of the fearless Granny, Laden with bags, was categorical, “I Have no one to help with grocery shopping. I have suffered so much that I your virus.”

At first glance, Chertanovo-South model area. From the benches at the entrances to the quarantine went local “pension watch”, as well empty to a new Playground, which is from 8 am usually occupy moms with strollers.

the store, which is popularly called “steklyashka” people a little more. At the entrance know-how – the announcement of the markup, they say, keep your distance. Inside the store, the nose hit the strong smell of bleach — so, simple old-fashioned method of administration is struggling with coronavirus.

-so What bleach smell?! complain fussy buyers.

-So disinfection! Want to get infected?

On the freshly scrubbed floor markings made by hand — wide Scotch tape and mark on it with a ballpoint pen – “half a meter”. Primechatelbut that all the sellers in this Mecca of the local drunkards, as expected, in protective masks and medical gloves.

– I will Not say that there are fewer buyers. But more alcohol do not buy. Probably, all the buckwheat gone – laughing the seller in the alcoholic beverage Department.

In a pharmacy often hurriedly asks one burning question: “masks, gloves, antiseptic there?”

– Nothing – wearily replies the pharmacist. And notes that often buy the cheapest antipyretic and antiviral drugs. The most popular of them, by the way, also. But from other illnesses — medications in stock.

– of Course, everything in Italy is gone – leaving their pharmacies commented on the lack of masks is an elderly man.

by the Way, are not you afraid that the police will stop you? You are at risk…

– but who the hell can stop me. Both went and will go.

In the supermarket — sold out: students, seniors with canes, young couples, buyers of single- someone in the family do not mind. It is noteworthy that almost all the deficit masks in normal, non-ferrous and even in the “hand made”. The customer was happy to share his experience.

– I myself worked in medicine. It is now saved – make masks manually. Four times folded gauze, rope sew and all. After use, wash, iron. I have 4 pieces, use in turn. As for the virus, then escape traditional methods: rinse throat with water and salt, drink a decoction of Bay leaf, propolis…

– why the house is not sitting?

– So do you good! Yes and who cares.

At the metro station “Prague” almost no people. But a lot of bright green and yellow jackets from couriers food delivery work, looks like a great deal. But the local market is a serious “bald spots” from retail outlets.

– Ginger is long gone. Sold out. Take the lemons is very good. And soon will not suggest efficient dealers.

From vendors with vegetables and fruit — moods PanichEskie:

– there are no Buyers, as washed away. Rent free than. And today morning a police car on the Kirovograd street traveled, the speaker warned that after 20: 00 to be on the street impossible. Curfew work? How to live?!

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