Muscovites reminded about the possibilities of mobile apps

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Ivanko

Muscovites using mobile apps unable to pay for utilities, to participate in urban projects or a virtual walk around historical sites without leaving home or breaking the regime of self-isolation. This is stated on the portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

As told in the press service of the Department of information technology, the city has organized availability of public services to the Muscovites, who are on isolation. Today with the help of mobile apps it is possible to transmit the meter readings, to pay utility bills, and arrange entertainment.

So, one of the most popular was the application “public Services of Moscow”, which you can use to pay utility bills or car fines and register the card of the Muscovite, and much more.

Citizens can use their free time in order to make the city better and to participate in its development. This will help them a mobile app project “Active citizen”.

Learn the history of the capital online will help mobile app project “Discover Moscow”. And the students can read literary works from the curriculum and revise material using the application “Library “mesh”.

in addition, for citizens available applications “Moscow transport”, “Metro of Moscow”, “Park of Moscow” and “Assistant of Moscow”.

In the capital were extended all the limitations associated with the threat of the spread of coronavirus, may 1. In accordance with the decree of the mayor of Moscow food stores, restaurants, sports clubs and similar institutions, whose activities were previously suspended will remain closed until the end of April. Also continues and the withdrawal of citizens.

violators of the regime’s isolation are those who go out with confirmed mild form of coronavirus.

For the first violation of the people ordered not to leave the house, the penalty is 4 thousand rubles. When re – 5 thousand. The biggest fines from 30 to 300 thousand threaten those who had not suspended the operation of facilities referred to in the decree of the mayor.

All Muscovites suggest when going out to take your passport. If the person goes to work, it needs to have a certificate confirming that his organization allowed to operate under restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus.

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