Nadja Abd el Farrag has already passed a number of lows in her life. But in the past few months it had appeared that the power woman was finally on the way out of the negative headlines. But the spread of the corona virus also made Naddel’s new start at the North Sea difficult. However, Nadja can not get down and struggles back to an orderly life.

Naddel has been in Dangast on the North Sea for a few months to start a new life there. And everything had started very promising. Until the coronavirus Nadja made a huge spanner in the works. Before the pandemic started, Nadja had worked in a hotel spa and her manager had been very happy with her work. But since the spa is still closed, Nadja had to find another job. A current photo on Instagram shows Naddel how she waits in the hotel. So that Naddel doesn’t have to listen to unnecessary fan comments, Dieter Bohlen’s former girlfriend has now drawn a radical line.

The work seems to keep Nadja away from negative thoughts. That’s why Naddel is currently sharing a photo on Instagram, where she can be seen at the waiter. Below, she then comments: “I say I serve too! Gastronomy is also possible, everything is varied here! ”But Nadja doesn’t quite trust peace yet. For safety’s sake, Naddel simply issued the comment function on Instagram. After all, there are often personal attacks below the belt on social media. It is not yet known when and whether Naddel will undo this radical step. Many of their really loyal fans will be eagerly waiting for this step.



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