The new road traffic regulations are already casting their shadows. The changes to the regulation will become effective next week. There are more punishments and sanctions. In the future, exceeding the speed limit of 21 km / h will lead to the temporary withdrawal of the driver’s license.

As of next week, the time has come! The Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) will be changed once again. And this sometimes results in drastic punishments. Because now the driver’s license is in danger even if the speed is violated. In the official catalog of fines, the legislator claims to make road traffic safer. For this reason, traffic violations will be punished much more severely with the new STVO from April 28. One of the most noticed changes is likely to be the 1-month driver’s license withdrawal for driving too fast. If you drive more than 21 km / h in urban areas and 26 km / h outside of built-up areas, your driving license will be revoked for a month in the future.

Those who travel too fast at speeds of up to 20 km / h will pay twice as much in the future as before. Drivers who do not form a rescue alley on the motorway will be asked to pay with 200 euros in the future. In addition, there are 2 points in Flensburg and a 1-month driver license withdrawal. Those who follow vehicles of the emergency services in the emergency lane will also have to pay a fine of 240 euros in the future. Again, there are 2 points in Flensburg and the loss of the driving license for 1 month. Parking in disabled parking spaces, second row parking, in confusing places or in fire brigade access will be particularly expensive in the future. The penalties were doubled for these offenses too.

In the new STVO, safety distances for overtaking bicycles, pedestrians and e-scooters are now being redefined. In the future, overtaking will have to be carried out within towns with a distance of at least 1.50 meters. Outside, the safety distance should even be 2.00 meters.

The new STVO is intended to protect cyclists better than before. Among other things, there should be separate traffic signs for cyclists, for example to be able to turn right at a red traffic light using a green arrow, which is not permitted for motor vehicles.

The parking of bicycle lanes by motor vehicles will also be punished with a penalty of at least 55 euros from next Tuesday.


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