New test system for identifying COVID-19 registered in Russia

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Denis Grishkin

Russia has registered a new test system designed to detect coronavirus infection. To release it will be the company “DNA-Technology”, transfers “the”.

it is Known that the new test meets the requirements of the who and Ministry of health of Russia. Using the system, you can determine from 10 copies of the virus in vitro.

So, starting today, every day the company intends to produce from 200 to 400 sets of tests. In the near future, production will increase per day to 1 thousand sets, designed for 96 test systems.

soon will be registered a new test system for the determination of coronavirus

Earlier it was reported that tests for coronavirus in Russia spend 95 laboratories. Their work day is done 36 thousand tests COVID-19.

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to prepare the beds, medications and tests for patients with confirmed charoenpura. In particular, the government should monitor the provision of medicines, medical products and test systems.

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