Noel Gallagher wouldn’t care if he never wrote a song again. The former Oasis guitarist is known for his flippant sayings in interviews or on his social media platforms. The fans of the artist and his band High Flying Birds should not have been particularly enthusiastic about a new statement: it would be perfectly fine for him if he would never release new music again.

In “Funny How?” Podcast with Matt Morgan, the musician explained: “If I never wrote a damn song in my life, I would still be happy with what I’ve done so far. I simply wouldn’t care. ”

His best songs

The 52-year-old, who is said to have accumulated an estimated fortune of 55 million euros through his time with Oasis and through his later solo career, may be able to live with this, but his fans would certainly not like the end of new music.

Still, Noel Gallagher firmly believes that the best songs he has ever written come from the beginning of his career because it was much more important for the band Oasis to make money with music to pay bills. “I hardly believe that there are any artists in the world who only deliver their best work after their major breakthrough. You do your best job when it is vital. ”


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