Net Worth: € 2 million
Age: 54
Born: 09/27/1965
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: comedian
Last updated: 2028

Short introduction

The character Atze Schröder is an artificial figure from the German comedian branch, the actual person of whom refuses to disclose his civil identity. The figure of Atze Schröder is best known for various television shows and the well-known TV series Alles Atze.

Early life

Behind the art figure Atze Schröder is the artist born on September 27, 1965 under the real name Thomas Schröder in Essen. Already in school, Atze Schröder’s broad talent was recognized that he showed as an artistic gymnast, even becoming a youth champion in artistic gymnastics. After school, she trained as a dance teacher and then studied sociology for a while. From the mid-1990s, Atze Schröder turned to the art form of stand-up comedy.

Source: The Times of Israel


The artist first appeared with the character Atze Schröder in 1995 on German cabaret stages such as the Schmidt Theater in Hamburg. This was followed by his first tour of Germany. In particular, Atze Schröder’s appearances on the stand-up comedy show Quatsch Comedy Club on ProSieben and also on the television show Alles Atze on RTL made it possible for Atze Schröder to attract a lot of attention in a relatively short time. He took an excursion into the film field with his participation in the well-known movie 7 Dwarfs – Men Alone in the Forest in 2004, in which he appeared as a court jester.

In the years 2000 and again from 2002 to 2007, the character Atze Schröder moderated the awarding of the German Comedy Award. In addition, the character Atze Schröder was able to moderate the comedy advent calendar on RTL from mid-December 2008. From 2010 he took over the hospitality in the show Der Comedy Olymp. In 2011 Atze Schröder was awarded the German Comedy Prize for appearing as a character Atze Schröder in the category Best TV Solo Program for Revolution. From September 2019, Atze Schröder also moderated the comedy format NightWash.

Together with Till Hoheneder, Atze Schröder has been running the Podcast Tender Cousins since February 2019. Both are now going on tour with this podcast. There is another podcast called Atze Schröder called Feeled Feeling, where he also speaks as Anze Schröder in collaboration with the psychologist Leon Windscheid about anxiety, depression, polyamory or loneliness.

Career highlights

At the beginning of his career, Atze Schröder was able to take legal action against disclosure of his civil identity because he refused to do so. In 2005 he won a lawsuit against the newspaper Bild, which had published a photo of Atze Schröder without a wig. In another trial, Atze Schröder was also able to successfully defend himself in 2006 when he had his real name banned in the Weser courier. The complaint, which aimed in 2007 to have his real name removed from the article in the German-language Wikipedia, was withdrawn after the information in question was removed from the article. The costs of the litigation were borne by the actor himself. The reason for the withdrawal was that he had not shown why his interest in anonymity outweighed the public’s interest in lifting anonymity. However, there were other legal disputes in Atze Schröder’s career that prompted his behavior. In a stage program entitled Pain-Free, Atze Schröder made fun of the actor Fritz Wepper and his relationship with a much younger woman. That Wepper felt insulted and disparaged, he complained to the Munich I Regional Court for injunctive relief, damages and compensation for pain and suffering. The Munich Higher Regional Court later ruled in Wepper’s favor, with the result that Atze Schröder was prohibited from making certain statements in the future. However, the court dismissed an action for payment of damages. When, in 2016, there should also have been an active dispute in Cologne between Atze Schröder’s actor and Niels Ruf, Ruf asked for pain and suffering, also on the grounds that it had happened before. At the negotiation in 2016, Atze Schröder was required to immediately stop within three meters of Nils Ruf. As the picture reports about this legal controversy, Atze Schröder again filed a complaint against the paper, but the injunction against the picture failed because of violation of the general right of personality before the regional court Berlin.

Famous quotes

  • “If God had wanted us to eat fish on Fridays, he would not have closed the doctor’s offices on Saturdays.”
  • “I will always carry Rudi in my heart. “
  • “You always hear from people who have lost their minds out of love; but there are also many who have lost their hearts out of pure mind. “

Amazing facts

What is special about the character Atze Schröder is that the artist has managed to hide his true identity over the years.

The wig that the artist always wears is also something special.


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