Nordic walking is not the same without the right sticks. However, you usually do not use ordinary walking sticks. Special Nordic Walking poles ensure proper swinging behavior of the arms and thus help to adhere to the correct walking technique.

Some models can also be used for trekking or hiking. If you only go walking occasionally and are more interested in hiking, it makes more sense to buy both hiking poles and Nordic walking poles.

If, on the other hand, you want to walk almost exclusively, a good pair of Nordic Walking poles is sufficient and you are in the right place. In this article we introduce you to the best Nordic Walking poles.

These models were already convincing in practice or in a Nordic walking stick test. Then we go into important questions on the topic in the guide and clarify what needs to be considered when making a purchase.

The best Nordic walking poles

Nordic walking poles for women and men with cork handles
ALPIDEX Superleichter Carbon Nordic Walking Stock Stöcke für Damen und Herren Korkgriff Gummipuffer, Länge:115 cm


The Alpidex Nordic Walking poles are of high quality and provide ideal swing behavior. The sticks are made of robust carbon steel and the tip is made of hard metal. The combination ensures high flexural strength and a long service life. Depending on the length of each stick, the weight is only 138g (105cm) – 150g (120cm). Overall, the sticks are available in 8 different sizes (100cm – 135cm). Further advantages are the comfortable handles made of cork and rubber as well as the adjustable wrist strap.

The customers on Amazon are enthusiastic about the sticks and mostly award top marks. Above all, the great price-performance ratio is praised. In addition, according to the statements, the sticks are very good in the hand and the delivery is also quick. A point of criticism emerged with the hand straps, which can only be adjusted well with a little effort.


  • Very good value for money.
  • Robust.
  • Many different sizes.
  • Comfortable cork handles.
  • Lies well in the hand.


  • Wrist straps are difficult to adjust.


Response Nordic walking sticks
LEKI Response Nordic Walking Stock, 100cm

The Leki Response Nordic Walking poles are particularly characterized by high-quality workmanship and the robust aluminum material. There are 8 different sizes from 100cm to 135cm and a total of 3 different colors (black, black / green and multi-colored). Depending on the size, the weight of the sticks is only approx. 376g.

The customers particularly like how well the sticks are in hand. The excellent price-performance ratio is also often mentioned. The response was rated extremely positively in the categories quality / durability and stability. Furthermore, the sticks are very easy to hold. It was occasionally noted that small vibrations would occur when a stick came into contact with the floor.


  • High quality.
  • Stable material.
  • Large selection of colors and sizes.
  • Lies well in the hand.
  • Good value for money.


  • Small vibrations can sometimes be noticeable when walking.


summit sport
Carbon Nordic walking sticks with pocket
gipfelsport Carbon Nordic Walking Stöcke I Teleskop Walkingstöcke mit Tasche I schwarz, leicht, verstellbar


The gipfelsport Carbon Nordic Walking poles deliver a great complete package consisting of many accessories such as rubber buffers, pads and plates. You also get a free eBook when you buy, which explains the basics of Nordic Walking. The included bag is also very practical.

In contrast to other Nordic Walking poles, this model is adjustable in height. It can be expanded from 77cm to a maximum of 127cm. The very low weight of approx. 150 g per stick is another advantage of the gipfelsport sticks.

Customers praise the good price-performance ratio and the large scope of delivery. Furthermore, the buyers are happy about the easy adjustability and the robust material. The loops had to endure some criticism because some customers were a little short.



  • Rather short loops.


Effect manufacture
Carbon hiking poles with real cork handle
Effekt Manufaktur - Carbon Wanderstöcke mit Echt-Kork Griff I Teleskop Wanderstock leicht für Herren & Damen I Trekkingstöcke verstellbar

The carbon hiking poles from Effekt Manufaktur are not official Nordic Walking poles, but they can be used as such at first without any problems. The advantages of the sticks include the high-quality carbon material and the comfortable real cork handles.

The carbon hiking poles can be easily retracted and shortened to 53cm. In addition to the high quality, the sticks of the effect manufactory also have a large scope of delivery with pads, plates, rubber buffers and even a practical carrying bag.

Customers are particularly impressed by the very pleasant cork handles. Sweaty hands no longer cause problems with the sticks. Many buyers note how well the sticks are in hand and how easily the height can be adjusted. Furthermore, the fast delivery is praised. A customer reports that the sludge plate would quickly come loose with him. Other customers also have some problems attaching the plates.


  • High quality carbon material.
  • Comfortable real cork handles.
  • Large scope of delivery.
  • Lies well in the hand.
  • Fast delivery.


  • Plates are not particularly tight.
  • Wrist straps may be a little scratchy.


Schwab brands
Nordic walking poles with anti-shock system
SchwabMarken NEU! 1 Paar Paria Nordic Walking Trekking Teleskop Stöcke aus Duraluminium mit entriegelbaren Daumenschlaufen mit Antischock System


The SchwabMarken Nordic Walking poles can not only be used for walking, but also for trekking or hiking. The product is a complete package including plates, removable loops, a carrying bag and instructions in German. The weight of the sticks is 280g each and they can be pushed together to a length of 70cm.

Customers give the SchwabMarken poles high marks. Above all, they praise the price-performance ratio. Many buyers note that the sticks are comfortable to hold and there was quick delivery. The Nordic Walking poles were criticized for a clacking noise that occurs when they come into contact with the ground. According to the statements, some customers are bothered over long distances.


  • Solid complete package.
  • Also suitable for trekking and hiking.
  • Fair value for money.
  • Lies well in the hand.
  • Fast delivery.


  • Clicking noises can be annoying.


Nordic walking poles for women and men
COVACURE Nordic Walking Stöcke - Faltbar Wanderstöcke, Verstellbar, Leicht, Teleskop, mit Gummipuffer für Damen und Herren


The very popular Nordic Walking poles for women and men from COVACURE make a very good impression at first glance. This model is a foldable trekking pole that can be used for a wide variety of activities. The large scope of delivery clearly speaks for the product. This includes a carrying case, plates and rubber buffers.

When folded, the length of the sticks is not even 35cm long, which ensures that the sticks can be stowed away very easily. Furthermore, the ergonomic EVA foam grips offer a lot of comfort and the sweat-absorbing material helps to keep the grips dry.

Customers are positive about how comfortable the sticks are in the hand and how easy they can be stowed in the backpack. They are also very stable and can easily be adjusted in height. The rubber buffers, on the other hand, were criticized, which according to the statements would wear out relatively quickly.


  • Foldable.
  • Large scope of delivery.
  • Ergonomic EVA foam handles.
  • Lying comfortably in the hand.


  • Rubber buffers wear out quickly.


Nordic TX Nordic walking sticks
SUPERLETIC Nordic TX 10 Essential Nordic Walking Stöcke, 10% Carbon, verstellbar mit Teleskop (100-130 cm), Korkgriffe mit klick-System


The SUPERLETIC Nordic TX are special Nordic walking poles that are equipped with a telescopic system. With this system they can be easily adjusted in length. Another advantage is that you can determine the carbon content of the sticks yourself. The variations with 10%, 50% and 80% can be selected.

In addition, there are the ergonomically shaped cork handles and the hand strap with click system. If the wrist straps should get in the way, you can remove them with one click.

Customers praise the fast delivery and the good packaging. So far nothing has been criticized regarding the processing of the sticks. In addition, buyers are enthusiastic about the carbon content, which ensures even more stability.

A weak point of the sticks is the attachment of the rubber feet, which is not very strong. A customer said that the rubber foot was lost after a short time.


  • Telescope system.
  • Individual carbon content.
  • Ergonomic grip handles.
  • Hand straps click system.


  • Rubber feet don’t hold very well.


Nordic walking sticks
MECHHRE Wanderstöcke - Nordic Walking Stock - Walking Stöcke Verstellbare Leichtgewichtige Wanderstöcke Aluminium Korkgriff, Trekking Stöcke Wanderstöcke Damen und Herren

The foldable Nordic Walking poles from MECHHRE have cork handles and consist of a mixture of carbon fiber and aluminum. The advantages of the sticks include the moisture-absorbing natural cork handles and the height adjustment. Due to the construction, the poles can also be used for hiking or trekking. We are also enthusiastic about the 2-year quality guarantee.

Customers rate the sticks as good. Above all, the punctual delivery and the integrated shock absorber were praised. The convenient cork handle is also mentioned. The adjustment mechanism, which is difficult to operate, was not entirely convincing.


  • Cork handles.
  • Adjustable in height.
  • Also suitable for hiking and trekking.
  • 2-year guarantee.


  • Adjustment mechanism can only be operated with a lot of force.


Guide: Buy the right Nordic Walking poles

In our leaderboard we have already introduced you to the best Nordic Walking poles. What we haven’t talked about yet is what makes good poles and how Nordic walking poles differ. If you are still not sure whether Nordic Walking is right for you, you should first consider the following question:

Nordic walking poles or hiking poles or trekking poles?

Choosing between Nordic walking poles and hiking poles is not as easy as you might think. On the one hand, the species differ in individual categories, on the other hand, they also have a lot in common. Below we explain something about the different types.

Nordic walking sticks

Nordic walking and the associated poles only became known in Finland at the end of the last century. Nevertheless, endurance sports have quickly become a popular activity for many people. Even if the poles were originally only intended for Nordic Walking, they can also be used for hiking.

Advantages and disadvantages of Nordic walking poles


  • Light
  • Good for getting around quickly
  • Efficient fitness training possible


  • Not stable
  • Doesn’t support the body
  • Does not meet the basic purposes of a walking stick

When is the use of Nordic walking poles useful?

The use of Nordic walking sticks only makes sense if you move on relatively flat surfaces. They are not suitable for providing more stability when running and also not for leaning on them. Your main task is to provide an efficient arm swing and drive your pulse up.

Telescopic walking sticks

Telescopic walking sticks are ideal for every hiker. They offer all the advantages you would expect from a hiking stick and have few of the often criticized disadvantages of a traditional hiking stick. The word telescope is used because the sticks can be pushed together like a telescope.

Of course, this only happens if they have not been identified with an appropriate locking mechanism. A distinction is made between two variants:

Twist lock

This mechanism turns the different parts of the stick in opposite directions. This method is relatively simple, but has the disadvantage that it can wear out over time and then require strength to function properly. The advantage is that it is a cheap option.

Clamp closure

To adjust the poles with the clamp, you only have to open or close the corresponding “clamp” on the pole. Operation is child’s play. The durability of this variant is also excellent. In contrast to the screw cap, you also pay a slightly higher price here.

Advantages and disadvantages of telescopic walking sticks


  • Stable
  • Good value for money
  • Relatively easy
  • Can be stowed on or in the backpack


  • Can be bulky under certain circumstances

When is the use of telescopic walking sticks useful?

Telescopic walking sticks can be used as well as on any hiking tour. They help with both ascent and descent. They also provide a lot of stability, do not weigh much and are relatively inexpensive. They are a very good choice for every beginner.

Foldable trekking poles

This new-fashioned type of hiking stick is very popular with many hikers. Inside, the trekking poles have a band that connects the individual members of the pole. If you loosen this, the sticks can easily be folded up and stowed away on or in the backpack.

Advantages and disadvantages of foldable trekking poles


  • Very space-saving
  • Stable
  • Very easy


  • Relative expensive
  • Stick length not always adjustable

When is the use of foldable trekking poles useful?

Foldable trekking poles can be used for many activities. Especially if the hiking tour is composed of several different sections such as climbing passages or the like, you can score thanks to their space-saving nature.

If it is a tour where the number of meters in altitude changes frequently, some models may prove to be less useful. This is because not all of them are adjustable in length.

Purchase criteria for Nordic walking poles: what should be considered?


The material has a decisive influence on how stable it is and how much it weighs. There are also differences in price.

  • Carbon: Carbon is the lightest material used in the sticks. It is very light, stable and low vibration. However, it is also very expensive for that. Another disadvantage is that it can break if the load is too high.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum has become the preferred material these days. Not only is it relatively cheap, it’s also stable and lightweight. A disadvantage of the high quality material is that it transmits more vibrations than carbon.


The handle affects how pleasant the use of the sticks is. This is mainly due to the material used. With cheap variants, the likelihood of sweaty hands is increased. In contrast, higher-priced materials mostly ensure a dry and firm grip.

  • Plastic handles: Plastic handles are cheap and durable. However, the big disadvantage comes with them that they cause sweaty hands and blistering.
  • EVA foam grips: EVA foam grips are characterized by their grip and breathability. So they keep your hands relatively dry and ensure that the handle does not slip.
  • Cork handle: In our opinion, cork handles are the best option. Due to their nature, they counteract especially sweaty hands. This not only ensures a firm grip, but also extremely reduces the likelihood of blistering. A disadvantage of them is their longevity, which cannot compete with that of plastic or EVA foam.


Weight may not be particularly problematic on shorter walks, but all the more so on longer walks. Every arm movement with additional weight demands the shoulder and arm muscles.

A good weight for Nordic Walking poles is around 150g per pole.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about Nordic walking poles answered

Which Nordic Walking poles are the best?

This question cannot be answered clearly. We have listed very good models in our leaderboard. Seen objectively, the top 3 on our list are probably the best Nordic walking poles ever. Subjectively, other sticks may be the best for a particular person.

What are the best Nordic Walking poles for children?

To answer this question, we took a closer look and found a particularly great model:

our recommendation

Kronenburg Nordic Walking Teleskop Stöcke 70 cm - 138cm - Violett

Kronenburg Nordic Walking telescope

With the link you buy at the same price, but we may receive a commission.


What are the best Nordic Walking poles with a cork handle?

If you are looking for very good Nordic Walking poles with cork handles, you should take a closer look at this model:

our recommendation

LEKI Response Nordic Walking Stock, 110cm

LEKI Response Nordic Walking Pole,

With the link you buy at the same price, but we may receive a commission.


What are the best Nordic Walking poles for beginners?

Beginners are welcome to choose an inexpensive option to see if Nordic Walking is right for them:

our recommendation

LEKI Response Nordic Walking Stock, 110cm

LEKI Response Nordic Walking Pole,

With the link you buy at the same price, but we may receive a commission.


What are the best Nordic Walking poles for seniors?

Seniors should have Nordic Walking poles that are very stable if they need to lean on them spontaneously:

our recommendation

LEKI Response Nordic Walking Stock, 110cm

LEKI Response Nordic Walking Pole,

With the link you buy at the same price, but we may receive a commission.


Where can you buy Nordic walking poles?

Nordic walking poles can be purchased in specialist shops as well as online. However, buying from a specialist retailer is only recommended if you want extensive personal advice. In most cases, you pay a lot more for the same model in specialist shops than online.

We recommend our readers to deal extensively with the desired model and, above all, to read the reviews and our summaries carefully. This gives you a very good impression of the respective sticks and can conveniently have a cheap pair delivered to your home.

How much do Nordic walking poles cost?

The cheapest models for hiking and Nordic walking poles start at just € 20. Expensive and high-quality models are available for around € 200.

The following list is intended to provide a rough overview:

Traditional walking sticks: Between € 20 and € 200
Nordic walking poles: Between € 20 and € 100
Telescopic walking sticks: Between € 20 and € 200
Foldable trekking poles: Between € 80 and € 200

Our recommendation for this is that you should orientate yourself towards the upper limit if you intend to use the sticks for several years. If, on the other hand, you only want to try out walking or hiking, poles in the low price range are sufficient, as long as you compare the purchase criteria with your personal interests in advance.

How do you use Nordic Walking poles?

In this video Conny explains the right technique for Nordic Walking very clearly.

How important is the length of the Nordic Walking poles?

The length of the Nordic Walking poles is extremely important. If this does not correspond to the optimal length, they can only be used inefficiently and muscle tension can occur.

How high or how long do Nordic walking poles have to be?

Most of the time you get the right length if you hold the stick in your hand and form a 90 degree angle between the upper arm and forearm. Nevertheless, this approach does not always lead to the desired result. It is best if the length is measured:

  • Find the point where the stick is connected to the loop (loop exit point).
  • Then place the stick vertically in front of the body. The loop exit point should now be at the level of the navel. Even a little bit above is not a problem. However, the point should not be below the navel, otherwise the stick will be too short.

How are Nordic Walking poles adjusted?

Many of the Nordic Walking poles do not have to be adjusted at all, they just have to be bought in the right size. In order to adjust the stick, the corresponding mechanism (clamping or screw mechanism) has to be released, the desired length has to be set and then the mechanism has to be locked again.

When are Nordic Walking poles available from Aldi or Lidl?

As a rule, Aldi and Lidl offer Nordic Walking poles all year round.


Nordic walking poles are suitable for walking as well as for easy hikes over flat terrain. Before buying, however, you should be clear about what requirements you have for the desired model.

Not every pair of Nordic Walking poles is equally suitable for every purpose. We hope that with our best list and our guide we were able to help you to get an overview of the large selection of sticks and to learn some new ones about the exciting topic.


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