North Korea has removed some of the restrictions for foreigners in Pyongyang

DPRK Authorities partially lifted the restrictive measures in the framework of the quarantine, which were introduced in early February in respect of the employees of foreign embassies and international organizations in Pyongyang to prevent the spread of coronavirus. About it the Russian Embassy in the DPRK informed in Facebook.

As noted, on 2 April, the Embassy received a note to the Protocol Department of the foreign Ministry of the DPRK, where it was reported that foreign nationals are permitted again to visit all the capital’s shops, restaurants, public service establishments and the Central market, located in Thanil. However, North Korean authorities urged to follow the rules that apply to each institution of service in the Republic, including the compulsory wearing of medical masks. Russian diplomats regarded the information about the weakening of restrictive measures as a performance indicator by the authorities of the DPRK of action to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Recall that earlier entry into the territory of the DPRK and the departure of the foreign citizens were not permitted.