Online stores have complained of difficulties in delivery of orders

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

Company Internet trading found limitations in the work of couriers and delivery of orders in several regions.

On the functioning of the services affected by the lack of uniform regulation on the background of high alert, reports TASS statement of the head of the Association of companies of Internet trade Artem Sokolov.

in addition, AKITA drew attention to the situation of coronavirus.

“Different law enforcement, different interpretations have led to the fact that we stop logistics. Because of discrepancies in the field have questions, we have to explain to everyone why you are not forbidden to travel, to trade,” – said Sokolov.

In this connection, he said, interrupted as the stop courier car delivery. Fails in time to deliver the orders.

As the head of the AKITA, the regions in its own interpretiruya the resolution of the Russian government dated 27 March, under which the permitted Internet Commerce.

Earlier it became known that in Moscow, the demand for couriers.

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