Paloma Faith has completed work on her album in the lockdown and plans to release it later this year. The mistakes artist revealed that in the midst of the corona pandemic, she learned to be involved in the production process of her record.

In an interview with the “Evening Standard” newspaper, the musician said: “I didn’t really know how to produce music before, but now I can. I recorded the music as if there was no lockdown from Monday worked until Friday. ”

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The real heroes of the crisis

The 38-year-old beauty made herself useful in other ways during the lockdown period, namely by supporting her neighbors. The singer also admitted that she missed contact with strangers.

But she thinks that the health crisis has led people to see celebrities as normal people. Paloma added:

“All social constructs of the division have disappeared. It’s like we’re living in [the soap opera] Emmerdale now. […] The heroes are the NHS (UK National Health Service) and the package deliverers are something like the celebrities of this crisis. ”(Bang)


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