Big wish of the “Baywatch” star

Pamela Anderson (52) and her men – an apparently endless story. The former “Baywatch” bath mermaid has been filling the gossip sheets reliably for years with her turbulent love life. After their weddings with musicians Tommy Lee (57) and Kid Rock (47), the double marriage to producer Rick Salomon (52) and the opaque twelve-day marriage to his colleague Jon Peters (74), Anderson now explained in the “New York Times” when asked if there could be another wedding: “Absolutely! Once again. Just one more time, please, dear God. Only once more! ”

However, she also cleared up the rumors about her many marriages a little and tried to shed some light on the darkness at least once more. Contrary to popular belief, she had only been married three times and not five times. With Jon Peters, for example, it was never a marriage: “There was no wedding, no marriage, there was nothing. It is as if it had never happened. ”After she had the marriage confirmed through her manager, Anderson now backs up again:“ It all sounds strange. But there is nothing more. ”

A little cryptically, she added: “It was just a kind of little moment. A moment that came and went. ”In general, she sees herself as an“ easy goal ”in matters of love:“ I am a romantic. ”Contrary to the contradicting statements about her marriages, one thing seems clear: Anderson is a mother of two, from hers The two sons Brandon (23) and Dylan (22) were born to Tommy Lee.



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